Veterans Salute in Black River Falls

This past weekend I did travel to Black River Falls Wisconsin in Jackson County. This is one of my favorite towns and counties in West Central Wisconsin. There are rivers and lakes winding roads and yes, plenty of Whitetailed Deer there. Now there is an added road hazard and that is a flourishing Elk herd. I only mention these because this is the beginning of the spring run for the deer who come out of the woods to head to the shoulder of the road to feed on succulent young green shoots. This puts them in proximity to the passing motorcycles; I have hit and killed five deer here in Wisconsin. I really don’t want to make it a six pack of deer collisions.

Well now for the bike rally and the veterans. This is the first year for this rally and the publicity did not hit the mark. There were a few attendees but not the numbers I was hoping for in the kick-off to the 2018 riding season. There were high hopes from Arlene, the campground restaurant manager and Tony the head groundskeeper for a great start. They had put in many hours to their part of the campground operation and it did look impressive. The restaurant was clean and fully stocked with grill goodies and a full cooler of liquid refreshments. The grounds were mowed, edged and bright green, due to the recent rain fall. The party barn was scrubbed, waxed and spit shine ready for the weekend of riders and veterans that did not arrive in the numbers hoped for.

Lessons were learned by all; Marv the campground owner acknowledged that the advertising may have missed the target market. There was also a discussion of starting earlier with the advertising campaign. in addition it may be advantageous to make connections with the riding community and those headed to Washington D.C. for the Rolling Thunder Rally at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The music community from West Central Wisconsin may also be of assistance in the promotional effort, in that this is the first of the outdoor music festivals to held at the campground for the 2018 season.

As for me and Wheel Memories Portrait Services is was a lackluster kickoff to my 2018 season. I did get a chance to load the trailer and determine what is and what cannot be carried in the trailer and on the bike to these bike rallies. All my business forms are here and ready for use; the sample art is ready; the sales pitch is a work in progress and I did make a list of what was taken along that I do not need or can make do without for future trips.

For the next several weeks I will be headed to the antique car and bike shows in Rock Springs, a town about 10 miles west of Baraboo my hometown. So, look for my next blog preparing for these local shows and some of the photos taken following the weekly Friday night events.

Until then; Smile, say Cheese and ride safe!

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