Today the Ice Age Cometh

The weather today socked in just after mid-night with a light mist that began to freeze on surfaces and by this morning the area schools were closed for the day. That also meant that my 17 year old was home for the day as is my wife a reading specialist in a neighboring school district. So, that means that i have company in the house all day and my schedule will therefore change for today. Instead of the gym for my scheduled lower body workout I am home cooking and completing other projects I have been able to avoid up to now.

I was able to spend some time on the web site on the Gallery page. There are now pictures from rallies I have ridden to and attended in the past. I was hoping to spend more time working on my Photoshop skills as well as loading stock photos into the library of the Lightroom program. Those will be pushed to a different part of this day or deeper into the calendar. It is nice to have voices, other than the announcers on the radio, in the house to listen to.

The next project to concentrate on will be Bike Week in March. I would like to start my riding season with a trip to Daytona. Most of pour snow is now gone because of the rain the last couple of days. Early March is such an unsettled time of the year for the upper Midwest. There could be wonderful spring breezes one day and a blizzard the next. We ride snow machines and that means I have plenty of cold weather gear for up here. That also means I need to carry it along or wear it until I get south of the winter riding line. That thought means I take away valuable storage space in my trailer for camera gear, lights, computers, camping gear and printers for the pictures to be taken and sold.

I will get it figured out

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