Spring is in the air?!

Today the wind is out of the southwest and it brought with it a good rolling chop on the lake. Well, more like a shoreline barrage of breakers. The lake is not a beautiful blue today; it is a sandy shade of light brown. I do know that not long after the wind subsides the sand will settle back to the bottom and leave some new structure (also known as an enhanced sand bar around here). So while I wait I got to thinking about my photography.

I did get a new portrait lens recently and have been practicing with it. changing my f/stops to change the depth of field. On a recent gorgeous day I made a drive to Ely, MN to familiarize myself with the route to an outfitter there. In June my oldest son and his family are coming up to spend a week in the BWCA. As long as I was driving I thought I should bring the camera and the new lens to do some landscapes.

The outfitter was in town at a meeting and said I could shoot some pictures while I was there at his HQ. What I found was a typical winter scene, a frozen lake, neatly stacked rows of canoes, life jackets hung with care and gas tanks waiting to be filled for the water season. The stacks of canoes provided an opportunity to do some perspective work and some depth of field work.

The new Nikkor lens worked flawlessly. with the warming spring air present my fingers did not freeze up or cramp up. The grey canoes stacked on shore was complimented by the steel grey skies that day. the cloud cover balanced the light out beautifully. There was a consistent level of lighting across the entire photo composition. I did not have to worry about a harsh shadow thrown across the setting.

I have uploaded the images into my photoshop software program. I have some compositional ideas for these images but have yet to start the editing. During the next bad weather day I will open the program and begin the creative process on these late winter lake/business landscapes.

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