Photos, collage, enlargements, manipulations of the image and photo story books of a ride or rally is the food for our creative juice.

Haloween 2017


Once the setting is completed it is now time to think about what you want on the wall of your office, home or recreational cave.

The options are virtually endless. Whether you want a glossy reprint or matte. Do you want your new portrait on wood, metal or canvass? The thickness of your wallet may be the only limit you will face in this phase of the project.

Prints on Wood

Rally Memories

If you are looking for a photographer to be at your rally and to create a record of the rally activities and the participants who made your event memorable.


1st of all we are a mobile photographic service

Wheel Memories is a photography business that will preserve for you a spectacular image of your wheeled machine. Wheel memories will record that image on one of our favorite locations or come to you and use your favorite location as the portrait backdrop.

2nd Wheel Memories will produce enlargements

Taking the portrait is the 1st step in the total package process for you. We will produce enlargements for you. We can print on paper, canvas, metal, glass or wood. The finished product comes in sizes from 4″X6″ up to a series of 30″X40″ panels that can fill most any size wall.


3rd The full range of Human interest photography

  • Life stage photography
    • new born’
    • grade school grad
    • high school grads
    • college grads
  • ¬†Weddings
    • engagement
  • ¬†Anniversary
  • Family Reunion
  • Special Birthday

Now what?

Now that we have tweaked your interest in our company call or email us and lets talk about your wheeled honey and what you have in my that you think we can do for you.

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