Rally Portraits

Billings 2017

Wheel Memories made its debut as a new niche photographic service in 2017. After many years of wedding, personal and product photography the switch was made to providing a photographic service to the motorcycling community. The first large rally to be attended and the service to be offered to was the 2017 Sturgis Rally.

InZane the Largest national rally for Valkyrie Riders.

The rider below is not from Billings; he is a permanent resident in Fall Creek, WI.

This bike is a Billings Valk… cool story behind this bike and rider ask me and I will tell all!

InZane 2017

Cars, Trucks or Bikes

Portrait sitting

Your car, your truck or your bike are the principle subjects of this company. I had concentrated in the past on weddings, product and travel photography until 2017. since then I have changed the focus of my photographic work to that of capturing the wheeled world and the people who drive or ride those machines. I told my students and athletes throughout a 44 year career in education that I teach social studies and coach football a specific way because that is what I do best. Now I am carrying that philosophy forward to this new company I do photography and I have ridden motorcycles since 1966 so I will now bring these to areas of expertise together. I know you will be thrilled with the portrait of your set of wheels.