InZane is on the horizon

Today is June 5th, for at least a few more hours, and that means I have two days left before I hit the road for Roanoke, VA. I am headed to Roanoke to attend the annual gathering of Valkyrie owners. What is a Valkyrie you say?! The answer to a Valkyrie owner it is nothing but the best looking, best riding touring motorcycle ever made. Pictured in the post is my 1998 Valkyrie. This motorcycle was made by Honda as their entry into the Cruiser wars of the late 90’s. My machine was purchased in 1998 by a gentleman from Parhump Nevada who owned it until he sold it to me in the spring of 2016. This is my second Valk and my 3rd bike using the Honda Goldwing engine. The previous two died following an encounter with a mature Whitetailed Deer here in Wisconsin.

I purchased last spring the trailer you see here to be outfitted as a carrier for my photography gear. I have a miniature lighting system, neutral color backdrops, a printer, my computer, a few examples of my art as well as the camera and the necessary lenses to make this all work. For a retirement gig this is a nice deal.

As I have been writing I am traveling by bike to take pictures where bikers are gathered and next week that takes me to Roanoke. Watch this space for stories from the road and a few pictures some scenic some bikes,; all gorgeous!

98 Valk from Parhump, NV

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