Our Approach

WheelMemories has been in the planning and development since 1966. A life of marriage, kids and a career in public education is in between then and now. I bought my first motorcycle in 1966 and have been riding ever since. My first camera came along that year as well; it was a Brownie. I have been shooting pictures and teaching photography ever since.


Our Story

It was time, in April 2017, to say that is a wrap on the career in public education and move into my lifelong passions. Riding ‘Cruisers’ and shooting pictures. So, along came WheelMemories. I travel from bike show, rally and ride providing photographic services to the gathered enthusiast.

I offer a full line of services from shooting to creating to reprinting your photo. Whether you just want a simple 8×10 of your bike or are in need a sofa sized enlargement of your machine I can do that. The shot can be taken in your neck of the woods or in our neck of the woods. In door or out you control the setting, the time of year and who is in the shot.

We endeavor to get to know you because this a depiction of your set of Wheels and your Memories should be unlocked by that photo image.

With todays applications there is no limit to what can be created for you. Reproductions on wood, metal, glass or canvass give you as full a palette of options to choose from. Get ready for a ride down memory lane as we create your one of a kind portrait.

Thanks for your business;


Meet the Team

WheelMemories is a photographic services business run by the Family. Elizabeth, Thor & Matthew provide the incentive and I do all of the work.

I shoot the photos:

I monitor the photographic process CPPO

I process the orders CBO

I am the accounts receivable CFO

I am the shipping department CSO

I maintain the equipment CMO

The family is the encouragement team CEO’s

Together we make an awesome team.  All of us work diligently together to make sure that you receive the highest quality photographic piece of art for your dollar and we earn your trust.

Elizabeth Gust


Elizabeth is a full time professional educator. Her area of study and practice has been reading diagnosis and instructional delivery. Elizabeth’s business management skill is utilized in the WM structure to review the financial plan as well as monitor the business side expenses.

Thor Gust


Thor is currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire he is studying Business Management. He is also employed at the same water park as Matthew is. The active employment augments his studies and has helped him analyze this business

Matthew Gust


Matt is currently a Junior in HS; A Park Attendant at one of the largest WaterPark Resorts in Wisconsin Dells.

Next Steps…

Now that you know us contact us for more information, discuss your project or to order a sitting.

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