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The Sitting

It all starts with the sitting.. We will begin to build a personal connection with you from the first moment we come in contact with you. It does not matter if that first contact is here on the web or at a ride, a rally or a week-long celebration of the biking community. Our goal is to make sure the portrait experience is one that you will remember every time you see your portrait on the wall.

Our commitment to you does not end with the click of the camera. That click is the beginning of the creative process. We will not be satisfied until we have helped you create that one of a kind depiction of your bike. Thanks for choosing “Wheel Memories” to capture your spirit and the essence of your machine.

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Stacked enlargements

The Process

Here is where the click turns into a piece of art for your wall. Regardless of whether you want a final product that faithfully depicts your machine and you or you want to push the creative envelope, this is the next step in your photographic journey. It does not matter if you have spent days, weeks, months or years creating your machine. You are closer than ever to having that one of a kind image on your wall.


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Rides or Rallies

Additional Products & Services.

Do you need a publicist for your event or a historian to record it? We can do that for you.

We can create promotional flyers, write a magazine article or create a newsletter promoting your upcoming events.

How about a visual record of your day to show people the fun they missed? We can you will do that.

Life is short!  Let us help plan, promote and record your next ride or rally.


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My approach to photography may differ than other portraitists in that I take the time to get to know you and your machine. The portrait of you and your machine begins the moment you contract with me for the service.

I will ride to your location and bring a portable studio with me. When I leave you will have an 8X10 depiction of the final product. you and I will have discussed the bike, you, your riders, the rides you have been on and how you interact with the bike.

From that point on the production takes over. depending on the size of the final portrait and the material to be printed on will help guide this creative process


Next Steps…

Now what?

Reach out to us by phone, or email and we can discuss your machine and what you have in mind. You control this creative process. I will make every effort to make your WheelMemories come to life for you.