Day 2 of My Bike Week


Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig wheel custom

Thursday March 15th, After spending the bulk of the day on Wednesday shooting pictures at the Iron Horse I headed into Daytona to the Speedway where much of the days events were taking place. This was an opportunity to look at the vendors located there and the bikes parked every where.


Indian had an owners group event going on in the east end of the Speedway Mall while there corral of 118 bikes for demo rides were located on the west end of the Mall with Harley smack dab in the middle of the mall.

You want sound there were several vendors selling and installing custom sound kits. on your bike. You want a custom set of rims there is a vendor for that. You sit down with a company representative and begin the design process and once you are satisfied with the look; the tech will take over and right there make you new rims and another tech will install them on your bike. After that it is get out the wallet and pay for them and ride away. You want pinstripes, LED lights, electronics of one kind or another they are all there and busy.

Now onto the prime reason I was on the grounds and that is to look at ands take pictures of the bikes. All of the pictures will be included in my growing gallery of bike pictures. I did take a couple of portraits but for the most part the photos all fall into the crowd shot category.

Between Wednesday and Thursday I did shoot over 1000 pictures. There are some facial shots of the various characters I encountered during my two days on the grounds. The vast majority were of the bikes, the wheels, the shadows, the paint jobs, the bike configuration and the style. There were no twins in the lot. Big 32″ to 35″ front wheels was the most dominant custom feature I saw in the two days. You will see many photos in the galleries of the two days.

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