WOW, first the move to the lake and then the viral invasion of the world. My partner (wife) was still working in her professional career with no end to that in sight. All the while the house and all of our collected stuff is being sorted, packed and either stored or repurposed through various charitable organizations. Then the real moved comes along and college boy has exams to study for and my professional partner has here annual college roommate reunion. Thus, I am left with the biggest and strongest of my boys to assist with the move. The weather goes bitterly cold for this time of year and for this latitude. My son and I do get through the move and finish our day with multiple motorcycle rides as a we ferry bikers to the new residence. We survived the project though I won’t soon let go of the IOU from my professional partner any time soon.

Let me just say that technology in our new environs is not what I am used to; nor what is really needed to keep up with the world or a business. I am making ends meet and often just hoping for the best.

I did avoid a COVID infection but it caused me to stay close to home. The business relocation has gone about as you might expect what with limited gatherings in size and frequency. To be a new kid on the block has many challenges inherent in just being the new kid; not to mention to also face a world wide pandemic. This will pass!

Watch this space for coming discussions about the Fun Da Mentals of photography.

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